Sunday, March 11, 2012

Help Wanted Section

Post here if you are looking for help on your projects leave name email address and specifics.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need Assistance on Pre-Production Work?

Look no further than your own department here at CCA.

Our goal is to compile a list of artists who are willing to provide animation/etc. services in exchange for a small payment. These payments are negotiated ONLY by the involved parties, Animation Corkboard is just the medium for contacting one another. Anything we suggest here is only a guideline, in the end we just want to create a thriving department where students can get help so they can concentrate on their own major. This is for PERSONAL PROJECTS ONLY. We will not take responsibility if you decide to use this resource to cheat/help someone cheat on homework.

Some guidelines to consider:

  • -Methods of Payment (as an alternative to cash):
    • Food : We are broke and hungry, a sandwich is more welcome than a few bucks.
    • IOU : You scratch my back and ill scratch yours, we both get our projects done.
  • Contracts:
    • Clearly outline what it is you want done by the hired person, this includes deadlines, model sheets, how payment will be distributed, everything. Be honest, and you are less likely to be disappointed. This may be difficult between friends, but in the end, a stricter professional transaction will be more satisfying than a sloppy friendly one. 
    • Dont force people to do something they do not want to do/ are not interested in. The point of this group is to let the Animators animate, the Story Artists board, etc, so everyone gets the experience they need.